4 Things Landlords Opt For When Screening Tenants

For student apartments for rent lowell, finding their first apartment is both exciting and daunting. It begins as exciting. Paging through ads on facebook with your potential roommates, checking out the apartment together, and signing the lease are all a momentous rite of passage for young Americans. A time when they’re going to be put into the position of standing on their own two feet for the first time. Which is all the more reason to consider the equation carefully, so these are a few things to bear in the back of your mind as you go about the process.

#1. Location, Location, Location

The first thing you’re going to be thinking to yourself is where you want your apartment to be. Most college students have the idea that they want to be smack in the center of the thriving nightlife, with all the best coffee houses, clubs, and arts communities. The problem is that everyone has the same idea, and because of that the cost of living in those locations is comparatively higher than other spots. On the same token, city apartments are smaller because they have to be. There’s more people clustered into a smaller area. You can get perhaps a better, more spacious apartment in the suburbs for a lot less money than you would in the city, and with easy access to major highways you can be within distance of your favorite locations within a matter of minutes. The idea is that when you’re planning where you want to live, you have to make some tradeoffs in terms of your budget, and what you want.

#2. Considering Your Options in Terms of here Roommates

The best way to cut your costs in terms of housing expenses, is to split them with roommates. If a 1 bedroom apartment costs $1200 a month, a 2 bedroom apartment is likely to cost $1800, while a 3 bedroom apartment will cost $2300 and so on. The reason is, it’s more difficult for the landlord to rent the apartment, the more bedrooms there are and fill the entire lease. For you, that means cheaper monthly rent, and bills being split 2 or 3 ways among your roommates.

#3. Consider Kinds of Housing and Types of Landlords

Landlords generally fall into two kinds, private owners who rent individual properties, and companies that built and develop rental properties for the purpose of renting them out. While there are some drawbacks to living in an apartment complex, the standard of care you’re going to get from the landlord is likely to be better. For instance, apartment complexes generally employ building managers who oversee repairs in a timely fashion. They also have some security measures in place. Private landlords are a crapshoot. Some will be diligent, and others not so much.

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